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Life changing

Posted by Pecheneg - August 10th, 2020

Hello there!

This year started bizarre! All my goals for 2020 is almost complited.

Now I'm decided to become fulltime/frilance artist in the beginning of the next year.

It is gonna be great bizarre adventure!

Thanks to you all guys for being there! I really apriciate your support.



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No probs :D


no problem m8

Good job

Awesome to hear all your visions are really coming to fruition man! You really work for them too!

Thx, Bob! Life become more bizarre and bizarre every moment and this is nice!

Bizarre in the best possible way I hope? :) How's your freelance career going so far? If you need any help setting up a personal site let me know, I have server space to spare for any light type of portfolio site.

You are so kind :3
Sure it is gonna be very unusuall adventure and yeah, at this moment I have enough income not to starve to death, LOL.

Really just send me a PM if you need some space! Well that sounds both good and slightly worrying. XD You don't do any side jobs at all now? Full focus on the freelance thing no matter what?

Actually me working as Railway Engie for next 3-5 month.
At this moment doing all kind of arts but mostly dig into puppet 2d/3d animations.
Gain some extra cash from Twitch animation assets and helping friends with LEWD stuff.
Yeah, in next year I'll try to focus on freelance all means necessary. Sure already have some savings BUT I want to wait a few more months to learn things and wait when this new CORONA wave will be over.

Ooh, the company Engie? Or is it a work title? Good to have a few threads of creative pursuits in parallel. In a way the new corona situation's making it easier to work with freelance in particular, distance work's becoming both more acceptable and more necessary for a lot of companies, but on the other hand if your clients are mostly regular people probably not the best economy right now...

Sounds like a good plan. Hope this thing DOES blow over. Feels it might be here a while. Wonder if over time we'll just accept it more, and go about life as usual again anyway, no matter the risk of getting sick.

Egie - it is short form of engineer.
Sure Bob, it is great opportunity, so it will be a shame for me if I'll miss this chance.

Aha! Learned something new. Sounds like an interesting job!

Definitely, and trying to live off something you really love to do is something most people don't have the balls to! Respect.

Hey I'm seeing you all over recently. :) Do you often read through my comments? I rarely go through any other feed than interactions, but maybe there is a lot of wisdom hiding in what you all vent about too...

Yeap, I'm reading my feed sometimes. Not often, but sure I do.
Also I just opened it and see you there. I guess you are chosen one by Wade or Tom, LUL.

Haha, either it's an awesome coincidence or I just comment way too much all over the place here. XD Was curious about killreal btw, are you friends/comrades in real life too?

Yeap, we are living in the same town at this moment, so yeah, I know him well and he know me too.
There are no too many comments for me :3
I do respect any thoughts and opinions here, you are always welcome here!

Nice. :) Did you serve at the same time too? Thanks man, some day I shall truly flood this comment area with a collective of all the observations and experiences I've gathered in a long life of learning and exploring the realms of this strange place in space. ;) And likewise. Feels like the social realm here is on such a different level than similar communities, of course there's a lot of promo posting too, quick Hello's and Awesome's and such things you're required to post to make a presence, but the conversations that really do expand... always a treat!

Happy Halloween btw! Or Hallow's Eve a bit in advance! If you celebrate there!

About serving - not really :3
And sure you are always welcome!
Happy Halloween, BOB!