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Back from Russian Army

Posted by Pecheneg - December 14th, 2019

Greetings NG!

No more radiation, guns, armor, chemical protection suits.

Sleepless nights is over. Now it is time to back in real bussiness.

"Clever people" may reading this page so I can't write what I have done.

So goals for this year:

1 Make done Crackeggs

2 Upgrade my:

2.1 English from intermediate 2 to 1 lvl

2.2 My physical mass from 66kg to 75kg and more

2.3 Engeneering skills from electrician to electrical and network engineering

2.4 Annual (year) NG donate

2.5 Drawnings to next level

3 10k $ for 2021.


Comments (12)


Thx, mate! It is gona be very productive year.

Welcome back! Good luck achieving your goals! What do you do to gain mass?

Eat, sleeep, pump, repeat.

Radiation? Chemical protection suits??? What kind of division have you been working with over there. :O Not that I expect any answers, of course, but imagination runs wild...

Concise and good goals, good luck! Did you lose weight during this time too? I thought you might've been getting tougher and tougher. And muscle does weigh more.

Thanks, Bob!

Well, "Strategic Missile Forces". Mr. President says: "We are nuclear shield of Russia".
In reality I think that nuclear weapon is a big mistake. "After us - silence" -is our motto. I hope it will never be used on it's purpose. About 100 thousands of people serve to waste all ammunition in 1-2 hours. Insane.

Yes, lose some muscles and brain, LOL. It is easy to lose physical power and sanity on such kind of stress.

Oh and Welcome Back, officially!

Ah interesting, it seems like one of the most serious units you could get into? I hope so too. With the amount of nuclear weapons available we could easily destroy the entire planet if they're ever used at the same time. Have you ever read the Метро 2033/2034/2035 books btw? Fascinating reading.

Well as long as you don't lose some missiles. :P Understandable. Good to hear you made it through though; set on getting stronger again!

About Metro series - not yet. I've played 2 videogames 1 and 2 part of Metro and it was really dark and post-apocalyptic. But, yeah, Indeed, It is shall be awesome reading expirience.

As for me I've just read the books, no time for the games yet. :) First one was definitely the best one but they're all great. Hopefully the translations here do it justice too...

About those legends regarding the Moskva subway system holding all kinds of secrets, a separate track for the government, bunkers, everything: is that a well-known thing over there? Something people really speak about?

Indeed, Moscow have some secrets but It is not interesting for me. Subway will be used as a cover in nuclear war, but I think that it will be a great necropolis instead of safe place.

Just like the in books hmm. :) Feels wise to transform the metro in a real bunker though, we should take after your example here. These days bunkers are becoming server halls and storage instead. If a real war breaks out we're really not prepared for it.

Do you speaking Russian?

Так точно, Никич!

@Pecheneg А я тоже говорю по-русский, сережа! ['w']

Hey, I saw your comment on another post about upcoming bizzare adventures? You're not heading off to battle again are you...?

For this year this is will be jumping into NSFW arts and work. I result at start of the 2021 will be not acceptable well, I can try take some risk for success, but yeah, fuck war make peace.

Oooh that's bound to be interesting! :D Was not what I was expecting!

Hell yeah. Such a crazy video too... if you're into metal btw here's something a bit different: https://youtu.be/Lx_xGv70Yyo

Reminds me a bit Sepultura, coz I don't understood any word. :-)


You know your metal! :D I was thinking Sepultura too when I heard it, love that song but don't think I ever saw the video before... different genre but it also really reminds me of this one: https://youtu.be/AszFdDUfuwc

I love tribal metal btw. The group I linked to are trying to bring back the Maori language in music, so it's not something people would understand even there. But POWERFUL!