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Power problems

Posted by Pecheneg - April 12th, 2018

Me before the power cable breaks.


Me after  cable breaks.


Feel difference.

I'm joking,  first picture was made  3 years ago, nowdays I'm not so twigy.  

Now I'm sneaky-breaky and will work not so much as I want. 

Thanks for attention lads! Cable must be replaced within a month, so  this is just a beginning of new  cool test in my life.


Comments (7)

I hope they do replace it :D

Thank you! They already try to do something but it will take a very long time.

So you're living in the dark for a month? XD Hope you get that cable replaced...

Indeed, but spring day is long, so lighting is not big problem for 8-10 hours per day. :-D

Definitely a good thing it's not the middle of winter. :) No light at night though... if you don't already have them, maybe you'll be getting earlier morning routines from this too? Do you get by with candles otherwise, or flashlights/other sources?

I have to travel to my friends, they have some place for me, so I do not give up and countinue my education, arty-party stuff etc.

Ah that's good, so it really is affecting everything then, not just the light... regarding the map, you mentioned in a comment: I checked out the link and man that seems like a pretty massive project! Are you one of the guys maintaining it? A creator? A player?

More player than creator. My main target is creating images and ideas. So now my goal is creation concepts. I like this and I have something to show you later. Next year after army I may back as 3D designer but for now I try my best in 2D.

Ah good know. Regarding 3D design I don't think I've seen any models you've made before! That'd be interesting. :)

Don't get me wrong. At this time my hardware badly works with 3d so I have to remain as 2d artist. But of course sometimes I make some low poly models in Blender and I have some expirience with SFM. But this is not portal quality(and I forget where is my folder for 3d mesh) so I' ll not upload here something new yet.
Next year I'll by new hardware and my arts will become tasty, better and fancy.

Aha! Hope you get some good hardware then! I'm not sure I have good enough stuff to run anything like that either, video editing and similar's slow too, heavy tasks. But there's no problems with 2D work right? If you're having trouble with that too some programs are a lot lighter than the biggest ones.

I briefly touched on the issues of hardware and software complications in my newest post. It is good to know that this issue is something we should take into account when discussing the worth of an artist. I am not the only one that appreciates the joy of lights; and hardware doing what it is supposed to do, to make the life of a creator, easier.