God time of the day... I mean: Hi BOYZ and GIЯLZ !  Here is me and I bring here some fresh  pics from upcoming moovie. Check  first sketch: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/980d8996b057966fad61d1ed78c6649d



How to die!

2016-09-14 20:33:36 by Pecheneg

Another parody is coming soon. Not so soon as I want  but it is on the way! 



2016-09-10 00:20:00 by Pecheneg

Hello  lads! Today I want to show you a short fragment of upcoming  movie. This madnes is not done  yet but I'll try  my best to finish this  as soon as it's posible.



Resurrection though suffering

2016-07-16 11:03:55 by Pecheneg

Howdy pals! I'm happy to  see you again.  Now I'm try not to give up anymore.  It is kinda sux when I was ill by lung inflammation.  That was bad idea   not to  wear  warm   clothes when the outside temperature is below -30 Celsius degree. But I'm regret nothing! 

Also, I have to say that we   other one  newgrounder is lost. RIP  little girl. 


Some news

2015-11-15 23:08:55 by Pecheneg

Good  time of  the day for everyone!

It seems that I  got some crapy shity shorts and soon you will see  what is done.

I have to  waste some time  to remove some POOTIS from my poor english and finish  some  job.

Wish me a luck and I will  do my best till the  end!

Better late than never

2015-04-27 10:12:58 by Pecheneg

Hello everyone!  I glad to see you  here on Newgrounds and here is my tribute!

Fallen smile?!



Thanks for watching and Happy Pico Day!


2015-04-01 03:20:52 by Pecheneg

Damn Google! It is will be second time, when they spoil everything! They spoiled YouTube and now it is time  to cry for Newgrounds. 

Another step to victory!

2015-01-24 22:13:23 by Pecheneg

Exams are passed though results are not cool.
Anyway, now I have a moment which will be spent on animation, general physical training, coding and  recreation.
In this year you will see new platformer, two  movies and maybe runner.


No reviews - Why?(Rage post)

2014-11-17 08:05:20 by Pecheneg

Hello  there! I have aploaded a week ago  short(3 minutes)  movie on which  we (team) spent more than  4 month and  no reviews yet.  And only  300  views. What I did wrong?


Need some voice actors!

2014-10-18 08:11:16 by Pecheneg

Hello  everyone! I  glad to know that  you  read this text and I hope  that  you  want to try   your skills in some noobly  animation.

I'm   still working on "top secret" project  and today i  have a new scene  that require voices.

But i have to say that it  will be  enough stuped  but funny.

Requirements: age more than 16 years old and some recording skills, desirable to use  vocoder "respirator" .

Free roles:

Zee Captain  (gender doesn't matter, straight brutal voice, may have french/german accent).


Charles Snippy (british accent, gutsy, man voice).